Mike Sherman, Former producer and host of the ever so popular nationally & internationally syndicated celebrity based television show!

On The Mike" with Mike Sherman is at it again!

Mike is now creating and producing yet another music/celebrity master piece, one that will take you down memory lane of today's biggest stars in the entertainment industry, "Before the Fame"


Mike Sherman has continued over the years to keep up with today’s music/entertainment field rubbing noses with some of the biggest and brightest stars in the business. Many of these famous stars launched their careers on Mike’s former television show, ‘On the Mike, and at the time were in the infancy stage of their career!



However Lucky for Mike!!


"Before the Fame" Mike’s new show, will take you back memory lane to the beginning of today's brightest stars careers, tracking their success to where it all began! Mike will show you never before footage of each celebrity’s rise to the top. Mike will sit down with friends, former producers, song writers, publicists, managers, body guards, classmates and much more before all the fame!!!!  On select occasions, Mike will join the celebrity’s in One on One interviews!


The format of Mike’s show will use: Social media to connect with all of his fans and fans of his guests!


Before the Fame will be in a class by itself and will be a nationally syndicated television production which is scheduled to debut in the fall of 2017.


Check your local listings for times and stations

in your area.


"Before the Fame" with Mike Sherman is a Universal Media Group Inc. Production


30 minute weekly series / 1-year term 26 original episodes / barter 3.5/3.5 split / available across all content platforms